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15 сентября 2014 планируется собрание всех павильонных групп в Международном районе с целью диалога, обмена планами, выяснения сфер возможного сотрудничества и начальных точек приложения сил.<br /><br />HUNGARIAN PAVILION<br /><br />We are very happy for this questionnaire and hopeful about the movement that started in IZ. Thank you for all your work and goodwill. We know that in autumn in the  AVI Europe meeting a possibility of European Plaza will be discussed. We envisage the International Zone with a European Plaza, that we included in our questionnaire. Please consider the ideas coming from AVI groups also in the future planning of IZ.<br /> <br />What is the aim of the Hungarian Pavilion?<br />To support both the evolution of Hungary and Auroville, and through this work to effect on the reality of the whole world, humanity and evolution. For this we believe that Hungarians should be present in the IZ area, doing whatever they do. Sleep, or cook, dance, teach, learn, read, play, work... etc do whatever activities are natural for them, just be present in the IZ. Our experience shows that whoever gets to Auroville is coming because of a reason, is guided by mother, and brings or takes whatever is important for the evolution of Humanity. So we trust Mother and the Hungarian Pavilion would be an experimental space.<br /> <br />How can it fulfill this aim:<br />This is a good question. Our group does not have any specific focus, so the activities are quite diverse depending of the people joining in, from art, to farming, to engineering, to therapy, etc. Our following ideas are based on the experiences of the past 7 years of work of the Hungarian Pavilion and AVI Hungary. there may be changes as new members and activities would join in.<br /> <br />•        Hosting visitors from Hungary, so that they can have a guided Auroville experience, and they can share their expertise. This way they would manifest the Hungarian soul in Auroville, and in the nourishment of Auroville it could discover its true reality.<br />•        Getting governmental fund, bringing money from Hungarian’s taxes: for this full support is needed from AVI Hungary and from L’Avenir to harmonize the different expectations of Auroville and the Hungarian Government.<br />•        Offering a space to share: giving the opportunity to the Hungarians to contribute to the well-being and evolution of Auroville and the world. Let them give whatever gift they have, let it be a plate of food, or a new technology in waste management, or a healing method, or an Easter traditional egg painting children activity...<br />•        Creating a Space to contemplate, meditate and experience what is Hungarian Soul.<br /> <br />Communion of European Plaza and Hungarian Pavilion:<br />We imagine that Hungarian Pavilion would share some facilities with the European Plaza, and would have some private space in the European Plaza. That is our vision. The space used in the European Plaza would be somewhat more opened, for a kind of introductory work could happen here, offering glimpses of the Hungarian culture. It would be more accessible for the public. The Hungarian Pavilion would be more in the background and its focus would be to support the  evolution of the Hungarian Soul and to work for the evolution of Auroville and the world. So the Hungarian Pavilion would focus more on the professional and inner work. It would be an open space and accessible for all, but the organized programs would be more specialized on target groups and this specification would change occasion by occasion.<br /><br />Parameters:<br />1) number of people using the space of the present/future project in the International Zone<br />Hosting: For this question there need to be a maximum-minimum range. For example We would like to invite folk dancers and musicians from Hungary. Every second year a group of folk-dancers and musicians makes an Indian tour payed by the Hungarian government. We would like them to include Auroville in their future tours, and of course it would be important to be able to host them, and offer them an Auroville experience. So it is only every second year and only for 2 nights, but would be approx 40 guests. Hopefully European Plaza and the surrounding Pavilions would support.<br />Other occasions there would be much less people using the space. It would be good to be able to host 6-8 short term guests (visitors)in the European Plaza, and 4-6 long term guests (volunteers)in the Hungarian Pavilion and another 4-6 permanent residents would live in the Hungarian Pavilion.<br />Activities occasionally: like workshops, seminars, gatherings, exhibitions etc. bigger group activities 50-200 people would be in European Plaza, while smaller group activities 10-40 people would be in Hungarian Pavilion.<br /> <br />2) number of staff<br />1-3 person<br />3) frequency of contact with outsiders and external visitors (e.g. min-max per day)<br />It would be an open space, and occasionally there would be organized, and announced activities. Once a week there would be a Hungarian Dinner and movie evening. Regular activities like workshops would be minimum weekly, deepending on needs and offers.<br />4) use of space:<br />Kitchen, Room-hall for activities, Space for therapies, Space for art activities, Space for urban food growing, Space for exhibitions, Space for hosting, Space for meetings, communication (internet access), office, workshop<br />4a) what facility are envisaged in common (e.g. auditorium, food place, guest houses etc)<br />Kitchen and dinning area, Food-growing urban gardening, Multipurpose Hall for workshops or classes, exhibitions and film screenings, Therapy space, Multipurpose room for gatherings and meetings and silent meditation, Guest facilities, Office, Resident space, Lounge with Hungarian library and internet access. Workshop for creating works like sculptures, inventors etc.<br />4b) what is specific to each pavilion  (exhibitions, dedicated library, technical spaces, languages etc)<br />Urban food growing experiments for the Hungarian Pavilion<br />4c)  How will your pavilion strengthen Auroville's socio-economic cultural activities.<br />Through its activities, and visitors.


  • AVI UK’s PROPOSAL FOR A STARTER BRITISH PAVILION<br /><br />We believe that by starting, hopefully soon, with a very simple first manifestation we can establish a meeting space which will permit the essential British qualities to emerge and establish themselves.  From this, the British Pavilion can grow organically as the needs arise and the means to manifest present themselves.  Our concept would start with a humble British tea room, probably bordering onto and blending into the central European open area, part sheltered, part open.  Tea is soBritish and can be taken as the means for dealing with many a crisis. The talk and the humour begin to manifest the culture.  The tea room would have a small kitchen and might have within or attached to it a small library and a digital media room.  These are ‘seed spaces’ that can grow as the need arises.  For the first essential built spaces there should be an apartment for a caretaker and perhaps a couple guest rooms with shared or ensuite bathrooms together with a public toilet.<br />The Pavilion needs to have a garden around it that can manifest, so far as is practicable given the climate, the qualities of a British garden.  Space for future growth needs to be considered, together with the means for accessing and servicing, but almost certainly the ‘Pavilion’ will initially have something of the feeling of a house.  Growth needs to be anticipated and managed so that each of the parts can be allowed to grow into larger versions of themselves.  The tea room may become or be added to by a larger restaurant. <br />Probably the first manifestation of future growth will be more rooms for visitors who might be students who will, by staying in the ambience, make contact with the essential qualities of Britishness.<br />We expect the pavilion to grow naturally from there.  We also feel that, as growth organically presents itself, one should not be too attached to the precise form of the building, or even be prepared to demolish the first built forms (which could be designed as temporary structures) to let the new or expanded form happen according to its own requirements.<br /> <br />1) number of people using the space of the present/future project in the International Zone4) use of space:<br /> <br />Not yet known, but will grow with the development of the European area and theBritish pavilion itself. (Please see proposal for European area)<br /> <br />2) number of staff – 2-3<br /> <br />4a) what facility are envisaged in common (e.g. auditorium, food place, guest houses etc)<br /> <br />There will be common facilities worked out with our other European neighbours, including meeting spaces, according to the proposals made by other paviliongroups.<br /> <br />4b) what is specific to each pavilion  (exhibitions, dedicated library, technical spaces, languages etc)<br /> <br />Tea room, library, digital media room/exhibition space, staff accommodation, office – expanding according to future need.<br /> <br />4c)  How will your pavilion strengthen Auroville's socio-economic cultural activities.<br /> <br /><br /> <br />
  • PAVILION FOR THE NORDIC COUNTRIES (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland), also called the “SCANDINAVIAN PAVILION”.<br /><br />1) number of people using the space of the present/future project in the International Zone<br />There is no building projected yet. Some educational projects have been worked on earlier but were seen as more appropriate for the Cultural Zone, so were dropped. For the future we see a combination of shared facilities covering a joint allotted space in alignment with the guidelines for the International Zone.<br /><br />2) number of staff<br />As needed according to the development<br /><br />3) frequency of contact with outsiders and external visitors (e.g. min-max per day)<br />We assume there will be a flow of interaction, not as a tourist attraction/ museum or the like, but as a living dynamic part of this aspect of the International City.<br /><br />4) use of space: <br />Since the countries are grouped together it gives a greater freedom of space use.  What spaces would be essential would be seen in relation to the overall development at the time construction of the Pavilion becomes a real issue.  What can be our contribution which best enriches the Zone?  <br /><br />4a) what facility are envisaged in common (e.g. auditorium, food place, guest houses etc) <br />Guest house and such facilities are not included in the Pavilion. Such facilities for students and researchers would be built in collaboration with other groups on the Crown. Also very specialized functions are shared within the continental area as well as some within the International Zone as a whole.<br /><br />4b) what is specific to each pavilion  (exhibitions, dedicated library, technical spaces, languages etc)<br />The Pavilions are not very large. They give a space which is focused on that specific country/ culture – in all its multiplicity.  So  the Pavilion itself is more about multipurpose spaces than very specialized spaces. <br /><br />4c)  How will your pavilion strengthen Auroville's socio-economic cultural activities.<br /><br />Mother speaks about Auroville's reason d'etre as human unity, unity in diversity and Peace. <br />The International Zone has its base and reason d'etre in this. As a field of research on the level of both the individual and the society, in a context acknowledged and supported by all the countries of the world.<br />A space for interaction and looking deeply at the issues humanity are facing, on all levels. In this context CIRHU is an institution in the International Zone where research is brought together from all fields of the city, linked up with what is happening in the world at large.  <br /><br /> So yes, economics must be one of these very large topics to look at.  The International Zone is part of Auroville and so must be part of the overall Auroville economy and find its way reflecting the ideals which Mother put before us in relation to economics. Maybe a place where “the Dream” can be looked at not just from an Auroville angle, but from a global angle...?<br /><br />From the Scandinavian side, we do not see the International Zone as a commercial place. The International Zone of Auroville is an integral part of Auroville, when people come to live and study there, its the ideals of Auroville they are immersed in, not a pay and get, make money on visitors situation which gives a “them and us” situation rather than a living experience of the striving towards a new man and a new civilization and a new way to look at money and economics. The International Zone is a place for research and study, for joyful expression and experiencing of our cultural diversity, for a living human unity where all can participate equally and an important part of the laboratory of Auroville.
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